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Mini Trampoline

Sundeved Efterskole, World Gymnastrada Dornbirn, City Performance Hohenems, Austria, Street Gymnastics

36 gymnasts and 3 instructors from Sundeved Efterskole (Danish independent residential school) participated in The World Gymnaestrada Dornbirn, Austria last summer. The City Performance at Hohenems went brilliantly for Sundeved Efterskole with their awesome show called Togetherness with tumbling and rhythm program – see the great video above!  Thanks to About The World Gymnaestrada...
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Street Gymnastics with Viborg GF Junior Girls Teamgym, Festival del Sole

Street Gymnastics with Viborg GF Junior Girls Teamgym to Festival del SoleWatch this video on YouTubeVideo click twice the play button ;D Viborg GF Junior Girls participated in Festival del Sole (International gymnastics festival) in Riccione, Italy last summer. The City Performance at Arena Giardini went brilliantly for Viborg GF Teamgym with their awesome tumbling...
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Team Lilleholdet from Vejstrup Efterskole, Denmark, perform Street Gymnastics in Cuba

Team Lilleholdet is a group of former students from the school Vejstrup Efterskole where students live for around 10 month. (See the awesome video that is made by Mikkel Metzsch Jensen, click the play button above.) Team Lilleholdet trains once a month on weekends and perform around 10 gymnastics shows in Denmark each year. Team...
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DGI Sydvest, Afterrep Team to DGI Sport and Culture Festival, Aalborg, Street Gymnastics Denmark

DGI Sydvest, Afterrep is a team which have great fun being together and which value team spirit. They participated in L2017, DGI Sport and Culture Festival in Aalborg, Denmark. (Also known as Landsstævnet) See some of their great gymnastics show with rhythmic, tumbling and mini trampoline performances in the video above. (2:37 Trampet (Mini Trampoline), 3:31 Tumbling)...
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Denmark, Lyngby Gentofte Gymnastics visited Italy, Riccione, Festival del Sole, International Gymnastics Festival

See video of LG GymStars “Adventure” Performance The City Performance at Arena Sud went brilliantly – look forward to seeing the video! And the audience was amazing, you could feel the energy and the joy coming even all the way from the back rows. It was so great to experience a whole team of gymnasts come...
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Street Gymnastics with Spring Mod Vest by truck to DGI´s Sports Festival

See some of the total 11224 jumps, which were jumped, when the Spring Mod Vest truck drove through Denmark from Copenhagen to Esbjerg. In the video the truck had reached TĂĄstrup. Filmed / Edit by Caroline Illemann Hansen Se nogle af de i alt 11224 hop, som blev sprunget, da “Spring Mod Vest”-lastbilen kørte gennem Danmark fra...
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USA, Gymkana Troupe, University of Maryland

 The Show Each year the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe tours Maryland and neighboring states, performing action-packed acrobatic circus performances and promoting an anti-drug message to students. Students influencing students to soar above the influence of drugs is the heart of Gymkana’s program. The Troupe’s performance showcases heart-pounding routines, including the famous vaulting act where...
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