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2015 Gymkana Troupe College Park Day Street Gymnast

 The Show

Each year the University of Maryland Gymkana Troupe tours Maryland and neighboring states, performing action-packed acrobatic circus performances and promoting an anti-drug message to students. Students influencing students to soar above the influence of drugs is the heart of Gymkana’s program. The Troupe’s performance showcases heart-pounding routines, including the famous vaulting act where gymnasts launch themselves off mini trampolines and perform criss-crossing handsprings, round-offs and flips over a vault box! Students cheer on the Troupe as they demonstrate how healthy living allows one to soar above the influence of drugs and alcohol. The performance itself is free of charge, and schools are only asked to cover the cost of the team’s equipment rental and travel expenses. Some acts necessitate certain height requirements; however the Troupe will customize their shows to meet different venue needs.

Team: Gymkana Troupe
School: University of Maryland
Region: Maryland, USA
Video Producer: James Liu

For more information or to have Gymkana perform at your school, contact:

Mr. Josh Montfort
Director & Head Coach
Phone: (301) 405-2566
E-mail: montfort[at]

2015 College Park Day Gymkana

(News 72 – North America)

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