Team Lilleholdet from Vejstrup Efterskole, Denmark, perform Street Gymnastics in Cuba

See this awesome video made by Mikkel Metzsch Jensen click the play button.

Team Lilleholdet is a group of former students from the school Vejstrup Efterskole where students live for around 10 month.

(See the awesome video that is made by Mikkel Metzsch Jensen, click the play button above.)

Team Lilleholdet trains once a month on weekends and perform around 10 gymnastics shows in Denmark each year.

Team Lilleholdet travels frequently around the world. In the summer of 2014 the team was on an 18 day trip to Uganda.

Previously, the team has visited Australia, the United States, Argentina and Uganda.

This time the team went to Cuba for 3 weeks to show what danish team gymnastics is about.

Thanks to

Lilleholdet for photos

Mikkel Metzsch Jensen for the video

and to

Vejstrup Efterskole to have such a nice team.

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