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Street Gymnastics at Makula Children’s Home in Kampala, Uganda

Street Gymnastics with Makula Children's home Kampala, Uganda. Part 1 - Short video.

Street Gymnastics workshop ?‍♂️ with Makula Children’s home ? in November when Street Gymnast International visited Uganda ??, Kampala. (Part 1 – Short video)

Warm up exercises and tumbling by Julie Bygebjerg ?‍♀️ and then we jump and play ??‍♀️ on the Global Airtrack from PE-Redskaber /
The Global Airtrack was donated by Esben Jensen and Soren Guldberg Kjer, Street Gymnast.

We were 7 person on the 9 days trip ?
With the theme: Children and youth, culture, sport, school visits and safari. It is recommended to go on a trip with Esben Jensen’s former leader at Vejstrup Efterskole, if you want to experience Africa, it was a great and fantastic experience ?

Thanks to our guide and dance/acrobatic teacher:
Mr. Livingstone Kasawuli Stonelove ? ?

Next trip is 10-19 November 2019 you can contact Esben Jensen for more information.


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  1. Ntumwa livingstone

    Thanks very much dear soren and mr Esben Jensen.Thank u for loving uganda.I invite more gymnastics/sports teachers to join our programs here in Uganda.

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