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USA, California, Darling Divas “Street” Tumbling Team, Dos Palos Car Show

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Video from Dos Palos, California, Darling Diva’s Dance Studio, coach is Melanie Wiley.

We are very excited to bring dance to Dos Palos! We bring to you many years of experience in cheerleading, tap, ballet, gymnastics (heavy emphasis), hip hop and more! We also provide pageant coaching and will do updo’s for wedding partys, dances and special occasions. Through Darling Divas Dance Studio we hope to capture your child’s inner beauty through dance expression. Classes are structured, fun and available for girls and boys. Come join the fun!

We provide professional training in Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Cheer, Tumbling (all levels), Jazz, Baton, Pom, Ballet, Acro, Qince Choreography & Baby Class

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We take outdoor team gymnastics seriously!

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3 Responses
  1. Melanie Wiley Darling Divas Coach

    Im so proud that someone else sees the talent that my students have!!! We dont have to many people in our home town that will say how good they really are!!! Now the world can see for themselves and its very obvious that they are awesome!!!!! these girls had only began tumbling almost a year before this video!!! thats unbelievable all on its own. we’ll shine even with all of the people trying to dim our light which i promise that will never happen!!! Keep doing all that your doing girls its working!!!!!

  2. Anita

    So proud to have had my daughter at Darling Divas almost from day one! She has flourished and just loves her dance teacher, Melanie.

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