Street Gymnastics Uganda
Street Gymnastics Uganda Workshops with Bulenga Youth Club - Tumbling - Dance - Acrobatics - Warm up

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-Hi, The training took place at Bulenga village  12kms from the city center of of Kampala. The Bulenga village was our host on that day. The hod was Bulenga youth club.
It was successful and the only challenge was we were expecting more than 15 participants. Only 12 turned up, This comes becouse of the very heavy rain fall that morning, And others have started serious  private extra studies as they are preparing for the opening of schools on 3rd January.
We work with the Airtrack and with music from radio.
We started with some small games for few minutes.
We got 12 participants on that very day and they requested for onother trainings. They advised us to organize the training on Saturday so that there other youth can participate in.

We hope for sponsors

to more workshops

The head coach was Kidda and he leads the warm ups + introducing them on how to use air track.
The participants were very excited with the air track which forced them to ask for more trainings.
He also lead the jumps and tumbling handstands, front flips on the air track with help from the resedence coach Tadius and Livingstone . Kidda introduces the Acrobatics too.
I talk about the street gymnastics +telling them about our international coordinator and the international Director Soren. They appreciate you for the donation of air track and the sponsorship.
The dance session was lead by Livingstone.
With this opportunity I pass our great thanks to
– Esben foundation
– Bramming IF Gymnastics
– Street Gymnastics International
and help to T-shirts sponsors from Team GYS87
Thanks very much for the all time support..
Global Airtrack from PE-Redskaber
All from LivingstoneΒ 
Project Manager Street Gymnastics Uganda.

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