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My name is Luca. I’m 7 years old.
I’m from San José, Costa Rica.
Today I met National Danish Performance Team – 2015 for the first time.
It was an experience that I will never forget.
We saw a fantastic show.

They jump as I have never seen before.
Beautiful choreography and incredible eye-catching gymnastics.
I hope everyone gets to experience National Danish Performance Team.

NDPT training camp in Costa Rica>>

National Danish Performance Team – We move the world

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Their upcoming World Tour 2016-2017

Denmark; Sept. 2016

Germany; Oct. 2016

Tanzania; Oct 2016

Australia; Nov. 2016

Indonesia: Dec. 2016

China;  Dec. 2016

Mexico; Jan. 2017

USA; Feb./March 2017

Spain; March 2017

Denmark; April, May 2017

Europe; May, June, July 2017

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We take outdoor gymnastics seriously!

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