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Portugal, Team ISEKAIS, City Performance Holidays, Senate Square, 15th World Gymnaestrada Helsinki 2015

See the video click the play button above. Já estamos de volta! Com (imensa) pena nossa, a 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki chegou ao fim. Foram 9 dias vividos muito intensamente, cheios de alegria, energia, muito cansaço, animação e com muitas emoções à flor da pele. Passeámos muito, rimos imenso e divertimo-nos ainda mais! Foi uma...
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Denmark, Academy of Physical Education Ollerup, 15th World Gymnaestrada, Olympic Stadium, Helsinki 2015

See the video click the play button above. The Academy of Physical Education in Ollerup is the oldest academy of physical education in Denmark. The fundamental objective of the academy is to educate gymnastics instructors, where philosophy of life combined with physical training leads to the development of each individuals personal competence. Are you: Between...
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Schweiz, AIR 1291, Gruppe STV Rupperswil to World Gymnaestrada Helsinki 2015 at Paavo Nurmi Square

31 Turnerinnen und Turner des STV Rupperswil auf dem Weg zur 15. World Gymnaestrada 2015 in Helsinki FIN… Unser Ziel ist es die Schweiz und unseren Verein in Helsinki mit einer abwechslungsreichen, aufwendigen, imposanten und kreativen Show zu repräsentieren und die Zuschauer mit einer packenden Vorstellung zu begeistern. Das Element “Wind” wird uns dabei begleiten...
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Sweden, Kämpinge GF, Toy Store, Paavo Nurmi Square, World Gymnaestrada Helsinki 2015

Click the video above and see the story behind the show: What happens in the toy store when the manager close, see what happens when the toys takes over. The Bears The Robots The Barbies The Dolls Ken, Barbie and the manager. (News 76)
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Gymnastics is taking over Helsinki! 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015

Almost 25 000 gymnastics’ friends – participants and volunteers – from over 50 countries will join the 15th World Gymnaestrada 2015 Helsinki on July 12-18. During the seven days of festival there will be over 200 hours of gymnastics performances in Finnish capital Helsinki. Join us and Make the Earth Move! City Performances offer you around 50...
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